Sonia López

Sonia López

My Background

I worked as an early childhood teacher in Colombia, my country of origin, for 10 years. In this role I found a passion for listening to the stories, concerns and successes that families where bringing to me on a daily basis. I had some experience as an early childhood teacher in New Zealand too, and after a while I decided I wanted to become a counsellor so I could have the skills to accompany people in their efforts to address the problems and challenges of daily life. Currently I hold a post graduate Diploma in counselling.

I believe that counselling is about collaborating with you as you are the expert in your story. Together we will explore possibilities to bring about that change that has been pursued, to make that decision that needs to be done or perhaps to take the steps that could make that dream come true.

I enjoy spending time with my two young adult daughters, whenever their busy schedules permit it, and my 7 year old grandson, also having daily walks with my partner and our black Cocker Spaniel.

Counselling Prices

Session duration: 1 hour

Location: Henderson

Unwaged: $80

Working Part-Time: $100

Working Full-Time: $115

Contact Me

Email: [email protected]

Call or Text: 027 4089 555